Buddhist Bracelet Gold

€15,00 Incl. tax
  • Buddhist Bracelet Gold
  • Material: Soft tube bangle filled with gold leaves
  • Closed with mantra for Love and Protection
  • Flexible, lightweight and water resistant
  • Available in thin (3 mm) and thick (5 mm) and in different sizes:
    - S: 18 cm round
    - M: 19 cm round
    - L:  20 cm round

Choose your size
Because these bangles are flexible you can choose a smaller size than you're used to. Add a few cm to the size off your wrist for the perfect fit. The bracelets will give in when you put them on. Put them in a cup of hot water to make them more flexibel. You can wear them day and night.

Nice to know
These bangles have their origin in Asian temples where the bracelets are blessed by the buddhist monks. A golden ring (bracelet) symbolizes endless love and unity. This is also the reason why these bracelets are being used as a gift to loved ones and friends. 



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