Lindform Vase Bottle - Grey Fade

€22,95 Incl. tax
  • Design: Bottle
  • Colour: Grey Fade
    - Small: 9 cm H x 7 cm W
    - Large: 13 cm H x 7 cm W
  • Handmade out of porcelain clay
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Design, pattern and colour may vary a little

Nice to know
The inspiration for the Swedish company Lindform comes from the Scandinavian nature with it’s organic tones and simple shapes. Emerged from a moment picking stones on a beautiful beach. The collection also contains influences from Japan, whose minimalist style matches well with the Nordic design.
The vases are made in cooperation with Lindform in Thailand by a small family business with 40 years of experience.


Clay is a porous material. Lindform recommends users/customers to be extra careful when placing a product on a surface which is sensitive to moistur
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